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Important Disclosures and Definitions of Products

Important Financial Items to Consider is not a lender nor do we offer loans or know what your rates and terms will be. Instead, we work with our preferred financial partners to match consumers to loans in an expeditious manner. does not charge consumers for its services.

Your lender can answer any of these questions and provide you with the specific terms of your loan offer. There is absolutely no obligation for you to accept any offer that you receive from lenders.

Items You Should Know has partnered with industry leaders to make it extremely simple for our customers to receive detailed information regarding a potential loan offer and the accompanying fees and terms associated with the loan.

For further understanding, please visit our FAQ section and take a look at the sample loan table on the homepage. Also, please visit our helpful calculator page, which also includes a financial simulator to help you understand your future financial condition.

What is an APR?

The term annual percentage rate of charge (APR), corresponding sometimes to a nominal APR and sometimes to an effective APR, describes the interest rate for a whole year (annualized), rather than just a monthly fee/rate, as applied on a loan, mortgage loan, credit card, etc.

APRs can change from their first year to a subsequent year or even from one transaction to the next depending on the loan product and whether you are making timely payments.

Your lender will provide important details for your loan. Items include: APR, finance charges, late fees, terms and more. Be sure to read and understand these items. If you need clarification regarding your loan terms, please contact your matched lender. If you need help with our matching process, contact us at, we're always happy to help.

Implications of Non-Payment

By paying on time, your loan is kept in good standing which again, continues to build or rebuild your credit. Most importantly this will help you to avoid a default or incur additional fees, depending on the terms and conditions of the loan agreement with your individual lender. If you are not able to make full payment of your loan, or if you miss a payment, you will likely face additional charges and fees. cannot speculate on what extra fees (if any) you might incur as a results of making a partial payment, paying late or missing the payment altogether. Work closely with your lender to understand what options may be available to you in these circumstances. works with reputable lenders who pursue delinquent accounts in a reasonable manner.

Credit Score Implications

When borrowing money, it’s critical that the borrower understands the implications of missing a payment, being late on a payment, etc. The borrower's credit score will be negatively impacted as a result of this. Learn more about the importance of your credit score here.

When payments are missed the credit score will suffer, thus making it harder to secure loans, credit cards and many other things. A bad credit score will not always prevent you from getting a loan but it will make the process much harder.

If you are matched for a loan, the lenders will likely run a full credit check on you as all loans are subject to credit approval.

Note: An excessive amount of credit checks run in a short period of time will likely negatively impact your credit score.

Collection of Monies Owed works with a variety of lenders either directly or through affiliate relationships. These lenders include banks, consumer loan companies, and peer-to-peer lending companies. does not offer loans or make credit decisions. As such, does not involve itself in debt collection practices.

Your given lender will provide you detailed instructions and loan terms which will include their given practices of collecting debts owed. If you need clarity on an individual policy, we strongly encourage you to work closely with your lender.

Personal Loan Implications strongly encourages borrowers to follow the terms and conditions as laid out by their lender. Most importantly, we encourage borrowers to pay on time in order to avoid additional fees and penalties.

Be sure of your given financial situation when considering a personal loan. If you think you might incur financial hardship that would prevent you from repaying a loan, strongly asks that you examine different loan alternatives before requesting a loan via the process.

About Personal Loans

There are two common types of personal loans – secured and unsecured. A secured personal loan is protected by some type of collateral, which is usually a car or a home. An unsecured personal loan is not protected by any collateral. In general, it is a higher risk for a lender to offer an unsecured personal loan because in the event of default, the lender does not have a chance to collect without taking legal action. Other types of loans that can fall into the unsecured personal loan category include auto repair loans, vacation loans, medical loans and home improvement loans.

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The Costs of a Personal Loan

The following table is an example of representative rates and what your payments could look like.

Click on the three options, Loan Amount, Loan Term, and APR, to see how your rates and fees change so you can understand what to expect from a lender.

This table is for illustrative purposes only. We are not the lender nor do we know what your rates and terms will be. These are examples built on averages. Your rates, terms and total payments may be different.

Loan AmountLoan Term (Years)Interest RateFeesAPRMonthly PaymentTotal PaymentsCost of Loan
$5,000.00 1 24% $250.00 33.64% $496.44 $5,957.28 $957.28
$2,500.00 1 24% $125.00 33.64% $248.22 $2,978.64 $478.64
$1,000.00 1 24% $50.00 33.64% $99.29 $1,191.48 $191.48
Loan AmountLoan Term (Years)Interest RateFeesAPRMonthly PaymentTotal PaymentsCost of Loan
$4,000.00 1 24% $200.00 33.64% $397.15 $4,765.80 $765.80
$4,000.00 2 24% $200.00 29.23% $222.06 $5,329.44 $1,329.44
$4,000.00 3 24% $200.00 27.69% $164.78 $5,932.08 $1,932.08
Loan AmountLoan Term (Years)Interest RateFeesAPRMonthly PaymentTotal PaymentsCost of Loan
$7,000.00 3 9% $350.00 12.37% $233.73 $8,414.28 $1,414.28
$7,000.00 3 15% $350.00 18.49% $254.79 $9,172.44 $2,172.44
$7,000.00 3 31% $350.00 34.85% $316.06 $11,378.16 $4,378.16

Representative Example

A $4,000 loan over a 36-month period with 5% fees and an interest rate of 24% ($200 - origination plus other costs) would cost a borrower $1,932.08 in addition to repaying the full loan amount. Your monthly payment would be $164.78 with an effective APR of 27.69%.